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Standard offer (foreign customers):

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Beside our standard offer we are able to meet individual clients requirements, for example

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Our wooden poles can be also used for other purposes such as: fences, playgrounds, bridges and other.

We also offer concrete elements, such as:

However, due to transportation and handling difficulties they are not available for foreign customers.



We offer wooden poles of two species: European Spruce (Picea Abies) and Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris).
Our production is based mainly on spruce wooden poles because in our nearby forests spruce occurs more often than pine so it is easier to get. Waiting time for pine poles is much longer and requires extra resources.

Natural durability and susceptibility to preservation (EN 350-2)




According to general requirements we treat our wood poles to prevent decay and extend service life even for 40 years.
We offer three kinds of wood preservatives: Wolmanit CX-8, Tanalith E and creosote oil but actually our production is based mainly on Wolmanit CX8 treated poles.


Wolmanit CX-8 content:
  • Copper hydroxide carbonate 13,0%
  • Cu-HDO 2,8%
  • Boric acid 4,0%
  • Total copper content 8,0%
Cu-HDO is confirmed to be: Non-carcinogenic, Non-mutagenic, Non-teratogenic, Non-irritant.


In Europe use of CCA is forbidden and use of creosote is fading (soon it will be fully forbidden) in favour of less hazardous and harmful wood preservatives. Wolmanit CX-8 is safe in use because it is a chrome- and arsenic-free wood preservative, meeting all the traditional requirements combining them ideally with today’s regulatory demands. Wolmanit CX8 is commonly used in European countries such as: Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary. Proper retention of Wolmanit CX-8  gives comparable results as CCA or creosote.

Field tests according to EN 252 indicate retention of 18 kg/m3 for Wolmanit CX-8 give practically the same results as CCA (forbidden in Europe); 24 kg Wolmanit CX-8 /m3 give as good or better results than CCA at high retention. For CCA treated poles a lifetime of at least 30 years can be expected.
CX-8 treated timber shows a comparable corrosion behaviour as CCA treated timber or untreated spruce.

Use classes required Wolmanit CX8 retention





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