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Ecological methods of wood impregnation and disposal of wooden waste impregnated with hazardous agents

Disposal method that we use (for wood waste impregnated with oils obtained from the distillation of tar) consist of pressure leaching of the waste dip in an aqueous solution containing non-pathogenic bacterial strains of Pseudomonas group.
The process is waste-free, during contamination leaching from wood in an autoclave technological layout is hermetically sealed. Water-oil emulsion received after the autoclaving process is completely biodegradable and the end products are carbon dioxide and water. Wooden elements reach the hydrocarbon content of not more as constituting the upper limit of 2%  of original impregnating agents (hydrocarbonaceous oils) content in the wood on a dry weight of wood. With this level of contamination recovered wood is eligible for re-use as safe firewood or for other beneficial uses.

The main advantage of this method is that it’s waste-free.  Wood recovered as the result of  waste disposal process (of wooden energy and telephone poles or railroad sleepers impregnated with oils) is a full blown and eco-safe fuel material not issuing any organic compounds during burning process.
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